Willow Wakeskates


Can you introduce yourself and your brand stp
Hi guys,


Since when does the brand exist? When and how did
The official kick-off of Willow-Wakeskates is scheduled for this year, as I spend
plenty of time in testing the right materials, shapes and rocker lines to ensure an
extraordinary quality for my future customers.Thus, I have already built numerous
prototypes always focusing on the best quality possible.


Where can you find your products? Where are the riders who use them?
I am currently in my last gasps of launching my online-shop, which is planned to go
online in the course of this year. My boards are ridden by my buddies and myself at
our home cable in Mannheim.
If somebody is already interested in owning a Willow-Wakeskate, please feel free to
contact me on facebook or instagram at any time. I will get back to you as soon as
Please note, that it takes about one month to build and deliver one of my
Wakeskates, as they are completely handmade.


What are the particularities of your product ? Do you offer different models?

Willow-Wakeskates are build to resist, with high quality materials and a lot of hard
They are light, thin, and resistable.
As I build every board by hand, I have lots of possibilities to shape the concave,
change the size and weight as well as the outline of the board.


Why are your products so? What do they bring to the riders?
Willow-Wakeskates are developed over a long period of time to ensure the best
material mix for your perfect wakeskate.
The skates have a nice pop and a special shape that stick to your feet. I tried a lot of
boards but I have never had that much control with a weight of only 4kg.
Willow-Wakeskates have a grindebase, graphic and plenty of fibreglass from the
bottom to the top to make the boards as resistent as possible.