A free project by Aestivation Entertainment

powered by XS Power Drink
filmed by Mo Garhammer , Max Garhammer, Matthias Springer
edited by Max Garhammer

rider_ Leo Labadens, Andy Kolb, Ollie Moore, Lukas Süss, Pierre Atruz, Daniel Grant, Clément de Prémonville,

camera_ P+S X35 HIghspeed Camera

Aestivation Entertainment produced a state of the art wakeskate clip called – LOOSE DROPS –
On a 7 days trip through France we had the opportunity to implement our ideas of sport lifestyle into an aesthetic movie with arty approach.
Our crew was highly motivated the whole way through. And with a nice winch from Unleashed and a sick technical setup and some of Europe´s extraordinary locations we truly lived the passion for wakeskate.