Thomas jensen – The interview –


Who are you, please?

I am Thomas Anton Freitag Jensen.

Live in Norway, Tønsberg.

Running a wakeboard club called Surf City.

When I’m not wakeskateing, i raise 4 kids.



When did you start riding and how did you start wake skating ?

I think i started wakeskate in 2012,

My friend Lars let me try his wakeskate, 

so the year after i bought my own cassette wakeskate.


Where do you ride? What’s your favourite spot?

I ride at my home cable Surf City, and i have to say its my favourite spot.


Which wakeskate do you ride? Why?

I ride Pidivi wakeskate.

And i really like the feel of the board, 

and gives u the extra poop


Why do you ride? tell me your philosophy? 

The reason i ride is it gives me peace,

its my place to focus besides family life.

And its the best sport there is.

and i love to swim 🙂



Goofy or regular?


Flat trick or obstacle?

Flat trick 

Full size or 2.0 ?

system 2.0, then u don’t need to swim ore walk that far.

And 2.0 let u practise your tricks often.

Love riding full size when u get pickups and if there is no chop.

Winch or boat ?

Have to say Jetski.

just the best feeling ever.

Home made obstacle or Pend ?

Home made is often made with love 🙂

But i can’t count how many boards at my cable on home made Obs.

So now we have only unit obstacles now.

Nubs or not nubs?

i ride with out nubs, but really enjoy using nubs.

gives u the real skateboard feel.