Ole Jacobs



Who are you, please?


Ole Jacobs, 24 years old  from Germany



When did you start riding and how did you start wake skating ?


i started in October 2010 with wakeboard, 2012 wakeskating and since 2015 i mostly wakeskate



Where do you ride? What’s your favorite spot?


the bricks if its not crowded or the cable in Dubai



Which wakeskate do you ride? Why?


41 tao because i needed a skate and that was in my local shop

i like riding 41 but also 39



Why do you ride? tell me your philosophy?


Because i really like the feeling of landing tricks like bs big spin or 360 shove

and i have a trick list in my head if i learn a new trick it unlocks new tricks in my head and the feeling is awesome

i like to live close to the water and be on the water


Goofy or regular?

regular but it does not really matter

Flat trick or obstacle?

flat tricks if the water is flat but obstacle are fun too

Fullsize or 2.0 ?

full-size is fun for lines and for obstacles and 2.0 for flat tricks

Winch or boat ?

i like skating winch but i don’t have a winch

Home made obstacle or Pehd ?

Pehd or some rails

Nubs or not nubs?

i tested nubs once it´s fun but i need 2 skates for that to be able to skate with or without nubs