Enric Dosta – The interview-

Hi my name is Enric Dosta from Spain.  I was born in Vic which is a town near Barcelona.
I kind of see my evolution towards wakeskating in phases.  I started waterskiing when I was five years old thanks to my father, then skateboarding around 11 years old thanks to my older brother.  At age 12 I tried snow skiing thanks to my sister and then switched to snowboarding at 15 years old thanks to my other brother David.  During that time I also skurfed sometimes, and tried wakeboarding thanks to my brother David showing me the gravity sucks movie and Xavi Mill for haveing a WakeTach BigAir in the boat garage. Finally I started wakeskating at 21 after seeing Scott Byerly in the May Day Wakeboarding movie.  But the real hook who’s when I saw Thomas Horell in the Monopoly of the waterskiing.  In 2001 I made the choice to exclusively Wakeskate thanks to my first USA trip with my friends Lluis Bequeriauix (Montana) and Pako Benguerel.
I usually ride at Lake Sau with Mosenpark Wake & Ski School in Barcelona. But I always try to ride wherever I am, cable, boat, waverunner, winch….
The Projects is the best spot for me.  It is where they celebrate the classic ToeJam Wakeskate Contest, and now there is a boarding school.
Wow! my wakeskates are usually custom or made by Marcel Fernandez (Shaper). It is a long story to explain why, but the problem initially is because we don’t have the resources to test and modify the boards over and over until we get it right.  So instead we customize our boards based on our style and preference.  In the beginning the first time I tried wakeskating I actually made one myself from a wakeboard by adding some foam pads to the top.  Eventually I bought my first wakeskate from Cassette (model concave 41 Grey color) but of course I ended up doing my own modifications to it.  I love all wakeskate shapes and construction, it fascinates me. It is an Art.
I am a waterskating 😉 junkie and I need to ride all the time, but the most important thing to me is to introduce this sport to the young blood of the future and drive it to the next level.
And above all, enjoy your ride.   I think wakeskate has more of a skateboarding style than wakeboarding style, this is my philosophy. Skateboard style on the water.
Regular or goofy?
Flat trick or obstacle?
flat tricks and obstacles.
Full size or system?
both but always glassy.
Home made obstacle or PEHD?
I don’t care if I like the shape.
Nubs or not Nubs?
always four fins “Easy Track” like medium nuts size, but it depends of the tricks, Spot or pulling I use small size to.
But I recognize what on the kicker I like jump which small size and some times only two fins in front.
Thanks for contacting me for this interview and thanks for putting wakeskate in the spotlight to help it grow into something even greater.
Don’t stop!!!