Ken Nadas – the interview –

Ken Nadas

The man behind the winch


Who are you, please?

My name is ken,28 years old, I’m living in Grenoble, a french city between the Alpes mountains.

The first time i ride was like 5 years ago in exo38 tencin, a cable park close to grenoble , but i didn’t like wake boarding so much… so after a couple times i’ve start to ride a wake skate . I’m skating for a long time now so wake skating came more natural to me I think.

Where do you ride? What’s your favorite spot?

Arf… not a easy one! I’m never going to the cable park!! honestly I’m not a fan… but i ‘ll say that the best place for me is the Poule wake park, in fresson sur isere, they ‘ve got a perfect place , they constantly make new stuff and agathe and robin are from far the best park owner around!!! definitely a place to go.


Which wakeskate do you ride? Why?

Madonne… i’m currently board less..haha i’ve got a kind of talent to break them…but i’m looking for a remote , or a kind of board like this… But seriously, I ride what I have the chance to get !!the price of a wake skate its just too crazy ..


Why do you ride? tell me your philosophy? 

Wow…euh…I will say life is full of simples things as the wake skate, my friends, girlfriend and family and that’s what give me the most happiness I think! that’s my thought, I just ride for all the happiness that’s bringing to me!



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