Michel Martin The interview


Who are you, please?

Michel Martin, from Spain. I live in Malaga, the “Costa del Sol”.

I’m 39 years old.  


When did you start riding and how did you start wake skating ?


The first time I ride with a wakeskate was in 2004. But I started real wakeskate in 2009.

I come from the Canary Islands. There are no cables or lakes to wakeskate, so I started in the sea, between waves. From 2009 I started traveling to Spanish spots where conditions were optimal and I could train with riders from my country, who taught me what this wakeskate was about. I have a lot to thank Enric Dosta, Louis Becqueriaux, David Royo, Sawe Oualiti, Tunisi Sanchez, Carlos Parra, Marcel Fernandez,…


Where do you ride? What’s your favorite spot

I ride in Sevilla Wake Park, it’s my local spot. 

Of course it’s my favorite spot. It has the best conditions and the best possible environment for wakeskate. Seville has the best weather in the country and the beers are very cheap !!



Which wakeskate do you ride? Why?

I ride with WaterFront Wakeskates, a Spanish brand. They are made of fiber and are very electric, I love them. Marcel Fernandez, our shapper, is an artist.

Waterfront Wakeskate are my family, I can not imagine riding with another wakeskate.



Why do you ride? tell me your philosophy? 

Ride for Fun!! 

This is the real reason why I ride. Every day I have more fun and every day I learn new tricks on my wakeskate. 

I have meet many people thanks to this sport, it has given me really happy moments. I love the wakeskate.

Ride for Fun!! 

This is my wakeskate philosophy.


Goofy or regular?


Flat trick or obstacle?

If I have to choose one, I’ll stick with flat tricks. But I hope you don’t make me choose. 

Fullsize or 2.0 


Winch or boat 


Home made obstacle or Pehd 

Home made obstacles. It gives a more street feeling


Nubs or not nubs

I have not ride much with nubs, but I like them. They are very funny and make the wakeskate a little more skater


I want to thank all the people that make it possible for me to be a wakeskater and make my life wonderful:

My wife and my dog, “Pepa”, for supporting me in everything I do. I love you!

My family for always being there.

My wakeskater family for sharing our passion.

And of course, thank´s to you for the interest in doing me this interview.

Keep riding and enjoy!

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